2020 MTL King Sejong Korean Speech & Writing Contest


When : The final will take place on June 6th, 2020 at 14:00 – 17:00

Where : The contest will take place online


Participants can be students of King Sejong Institute in Montreal or other Korean learners in Montreal
(Qualifications : 16 years of age or older, not native speaker of Korean)


  1.   Select your preference between Speech and Writing part 
  2.   Select your subject among the followings, 


  •   Speech 1: “내가 사랑하는 한국문화“    (The Korean culture that I love)
  •   Speech 2:  “한국어로 꿈꾸는 나의 미래“   (My dream future with Korean)
  •   Writing 1:   “나의 한국어 선생님을 소개합니다”   (Introduction of my teacher)
  •   Writing 2:  “내가 한국어 선생님이 된다면? ”   (What if I become a Korean teacher?) 

     3.   If you select the speech competition, record video at least 1 minute. 

           If you select the writing competition, your essay must be over 300 characters.

    4.   Restrictions

             [Speech Part Restrictions]

  •   No aids may be used while performing your speech. (Ex: no songs or videos may be used and the use of cue cards or cellphones is prohibited.)
  •   No editing of the video is allowed.
  •   The speech needs to be memorized.

              [Writing  Part Restrictions]

  •   No aids other than a dictionary may be used while writing your essay.
  •   Plagiarism is not tolerated. (Write your own ideas or your own experienced.)
  •   Write your essay on the attached Form.

How to apply

  1.   Fill out the application form.
  2.   Scan your ID( to verify your name and face) and application form.
  3.   Send us your scans by May 9th. (accepted by email or phone: (514)721-3480) 
  4.   Send us your recording or essay by May 23th.

Evaluation Criteria

  •  Speeches are evaluated according to originality, manner of presentation, fluency, grammar and pronunciation.
  •  Essays assessed according to originality, structure, diversity of expression, accuracy.
  •  The panel is comprised of 5 judges involved in Korean Language Education in Montreal.



  • The selection of candidates participating in the final will be done by May 30th.
  • A Top 10 will be assembled for both Speech and Writing in Montreal.


[Final in Montreal] 

Video Call at 14:00 June 6th, 2020

  •  The logistical details will be shared with the candidates before the event. (Ex. Use of YouTube Live, Zoom or Google hangouts, etc)
  •  All contestants will have to do a self-introduction and do an interview.
  •  Award prizes to each Top 5 winners. (Total worth $2000)
  •  One Grand Prize Winner :  A place in the 2020 세종학당 한국어 말하기 쓰기 대회 including a round-trip airline ticket, residence fares.  ( ** It can be cancelled because of COVID-19 situation)


[Final in Korea] 2020 세종학당 한국어 말하기 쓰기 대회 in  Korea

  •  All contestants will participate in a “Group mission” and will do an interview.
  •  Each Top 8 winners will be awarded a place in the language program at a major university in Korea or Scholarships and gifts.
    ** We will notify later just in case it is cancelled in the COVID-19.


Application submission and Speech& Writing submission : Email to montreal.sejong@gmail.com


Download application form and manuscript paper here.