100% ONLINE CLASSES for this semester

How the classes work?

With the “New Normal” life, Sejong classes are going live online. Choose the 3 hours timing class you’d like to take according to the available schedule so you can stick to it for the all semester, connect online and join your teammate every week for your live online classes. No worries, we got it all figure it out so you can improve you speaking and writing skills. Homework, group chat, chatting practice… all the basics tools to learn a new language will still be used.

What’s in it for you? Follow the live class from the comfort of your couch, balcony or even the neighbor park. All you need is a computer, internet access and microphone working.

Be ready to participate?


  • Summer Semester :  JULY 20TH ~ DECEMBER 12TH 2020 (20 weeks, 60 hours, Online class: 40 hours)
  • Mid-term :    SEPTEMBER 30TH ~ DECEMBER 12TH 2020 (10 weeks, 30 hours, online: 20 hours)
  • Winter Semester:  JANUARY 4TH ~ MAY 29TH  2021 (20 weeks, 60 hours)



  • Summer Semester:   JULY 1ST ~  JULY 25th, 2020
  • Mid-term transfer:    SEPTEMBER  9TH ~ SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2020
  • Winter Semester:    DECEMBER 14th ~  JANUARY 2ND,  2020


COURSES & FEES for 60 Hours 

No registration fees. Each class has between 5 to 20 students. Students have to pay in full to reserve his/her place for a class. A fee of 20$ will be charged for any checks which are returned.

The tuition fee: $480 (60h, at institute), $240 (40h, on line) 



  • cash
  • one check or two postdated checks
  • email-transfer (Please send payment to quebeccoree@gmail.com)



  • Please contact us or email us at  montreal . sejong@gmail.com