Beginner Levels (초급과정: Level 1 & Level 2)

No previous training in the language is required for Level 1A

Prerequisite for Level 2 (high beginner level):  Level 1 or placement exam

First-year Korean courses designed to introduce the Korean language and alphabet, Hangeul. The beginner level courses are for students without any or very little knowledge of the Korean language and provide a solid foundation in all aspects of the language, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students study the language’s orthographic and phonetic systems, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary within social and cultural contexts.


Level 1A –  Sejong Korean 1 (33h)

Level 1B –  Sejong Korean 1+2 (33h)

Level 1C –  Sejong Korean 2 (33h)

Level 2A –  Sejong Korean 3 (33h)

Level 2B –  Sejong Korean 3+4 (33h)

Level 2C –  Sejong Korean 4 (33h)

Intermediate Levels (중급과정: Level 3 & Level 4)

Prerequisite for Level 3 (low intermediate level): Level 1~2 or placement exam

Prerequisite for Level 4 (high intermediate level): Level 1~3 or placement exam

The courses at the intermediate level cover phonetics, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary and emphasizes the development of communicative skills in speaking, reading, and writing. Students will develop the language’s major social and cultural contexts and will write about and discuss various topics.


Level 3A –  Sejong Korean 5 (33h)

Level 3B –  Sejong Korean 6 (33h)

Level 4A –  Sejong Korean 7 (33h)

Level 4B –  Sejong Korean 8 (33h)

Advanced Levels (심화과정: Level 5 & Level 6)

Prerequisite for Level 5 (low advanced level: Level 1~4 or placement exam

Prerequisite for Level 6 (high advanced level): Level 1~5 or placement exam

These two courses are taught over two semesters in an academic year and are designed to assist advanced students of Korean language as they continue to learn skills in conversation, reading, and writing. Reading Korean newspapers and visiting Korean websites are integrated as part of the courses’ instruction.

Conversation and Media

Prerequisite: Level 2B or placement exam

This course is designed to improve students’ understanding of written and spoken Korean through exposure to various media sources, such as film, magazine, newspaper, TV, Internet, video, and user-created content (UCC). Students learn Korean sentence patterns and vocabularies from the sources and discuss various topics related to Korea. Class discussions help enhance students’ speaking proficiency as well.