The King Sejong Institute in Montreal is one of the 212 Korean language teaching centers in the world that are officially recognized by Korean government, and the only one in Québec. Our institute provides an opportunity to non-Koreans  who want to learn Korean in Montreal.

Our history

Since 2006, GANADA Korean language school teaches Korean and Korean culture to foreigners. Since 2016, it offered the King Sejong Program, following King Sejong Institutes’ curriculum. In 2019, the Korean government officially recognized it as the King Sejong Institute in Montreal.

Our courses

Our courses are given by instructors with teaching qualifications recognized by the Korean government. Our textbooks, “Sejong Korean”, were developed by the Korean government to teach Korean to foreigners in the most efficient way. Other than these textbooks, we only use approved material from the Korean government in our courses. 

Special programs

Our institute offers many special programs to allow our students to discover Korean culture, including Montreal Korean Festival, K-POP, K-Food, K-Movie, K-Drama, K-Beauty, K-Fashion, and K-Samulnori, to name a few. Moreover, each spring, we organize the “Sejonghakdang Korean Speech Contest”. A trip to Korea to participate in the final contest is offered to the winner of the contest, all expenses paid by the Korean government (airfare, hotel fees).

Youth program

We also offer Korean classes to foreigners under 16 years of age. If you are interested in our youth program, please contact us at

We look forward to meeting you at King Sejong Institute in Montreal!